About us

VALROTALYS is located in Nieppe, near Lille, in the center of Europe, to meet all your requests. Due to its geographical location, logistics and paper costs are optimized. We have a team of experts that control all production steps in order to guarantee a top quality of the printing job, above all with our usual flexibility.

What are our activities ?

Printing plant is composed by a recent gravure machine, which the deckle is 3880 mm. We have a printing capacity of 150 tons per day, and a gravure paper stock of about 15 000 tons. We are currently building up a second machine, which the deckle is 3880 mm, and will be operational in 2018. Our assets : a printing capacity of 150 tons per day and approx. 200 cylinders to fit customer desires and consequently optimizing paper waste.

Rotogravure machine: CERUTTI year 2006

3880 mm width – double press brake – equipped with two seamers.

Groups equipped with the SPENGLER electrostatic print assist system and the CELIO viscosity and color control system.

Press equipped with the GRAFIKONTROL system for automatic control of the bands (CR8), colors identification (CR 39), steam/ heating and orthogonality automatic control (CR12).

Equipped with the quality control of the scrolling paper wheels (PAPERSCAN).


16 bands : band size width mini /max = 200-340 (max 320 for 12 bands).

Max width 3880 mm / mini 1950 mm.


4 engravings diameter 860 to 980 mm

6 engravings diameter 900 to 1470  mm

8 engravings diameter 1200 to 1680 mm


Pre - press : file management system DALIM and HELL.

GMG color management software and proofing.

Engraving with 2 Helioklischograph (K6) last generation.

Galvanic line KASPAR WALTER comprising a polisher, a degreasing tank, a coppertank, a chrome tank and a delamination machine.




Tel : +33 03 20 08 32 82